Equal Marriage as a Human Right: A Familial Discussion

Got this gem of an e-mail from a family member this morning regarding the Hollingsworth v. Perry case surrounding DOMA and marriage equality before the Supreme Court.


TEXT: “All, This is pathetic that 9 exalting top lawyers of this land and spending millions of tax payers money in order to take up a case that the ultra left showing it down thru the people’s throats. We have other thorning issues like jobs, growth and future vision/direction that are being purposely neglected. This is a good cover and smoke screen by the media.”

Here’s my response (note how it’s passive-aggressively signed “Love”):


TEXT: “Allowing same-sex marriage is a question of human rights and equality. The archaic legal barriers we have prohibiting same sex-marriage are equatable to the three-fifths compromise brokered at the Constitutional Convention regarding African-Americans, then, slaves. Remember that not too long ago that women were treated as second-class citizens in the United States (and, depending on who you talk to, still are), which was the last of the West’s great democracies to ratify a gender equality clause into its Constitution. It is the 21st century – not 1787 or 1919 – the LGBT population is a significant portion of American society and deserve to be given the same benefits that heterosexual couples have. According to a 2012 Gallup poll, 3.4 per cent of the US population self-identifies as LGBT. A 120,000-person smokescreen – even in relation to the nearly 314 million population of the United States – is by no means insignificant. Those 120,000 people are your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and relatives.

Yes, of course there are other significant issues, but determining whether your neighbor, co-worker, or family member is able to have the same quality of life and a family, file taxes, and insurance benefits as you and your family are so lucky to have is incredibly important especially in the domestic arena. This is not a smoke screen; it’s come up on the US domestic agenda way too late. Furthermore, the sensationalist America media will only cover this for a traditional news cycle. I’m sure next week another country will be invaded or stock prices will tank and turn the national discourse towards the economy, welfare, immigration, or national security issues. In the mean time, I suggest you take some time to read or listen to the oral arguments (they have been hyperlinked).”
And here’s yet another family member’s response to my rant:
from final
TEXT:  Hi ———, —— and I were discussing your email.  All human rights on this earth are important regardless of country, and should entail freedom to be what we choose to be.  This is the greatest country in the world to demonstrate this.  Are gay rights important, yes, just as important as religious rights, political rights, the right of free expression without fear of retaliation, and the right for free discussion of any issue we deem important.  However, there is a time for everything as we draw up a list of importance for resolution, and there are real heavy issues out there.  Not all issues are of the same level of importance to every person.  So, we ultimately have the right to decide what is important to us individually.  That’s good for you, good for me, and ultimately good for the country and the world.  Hope that God gives us the wisdom of clear analytical thought. —
Let me end this post with the following quote by a contestant named Abraham McDonald on The Voice (don’t laugh, I was watching it on the elliptical at the gym) who, after getting voted off, said “Not everyone is going to love what you do. That’s just how the ball bounces sometimes.”

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