…on why drone strikes don’t work for US national security and counter-terrorism efforts in the long run.

“Because this president, in my opinion, has fundamentally undermined our ability to defend this nation by killing terrorists rather than capturing them and taking them to an intelligence facility like Guantanamo Bay and learning how these groups operate,” Lippold added. “And while the program appears on the face to have had great success, I think ultimately the drone program is setting us up for failure because for each high-level terrorist you kill, that is a high-level intelligence asset that is no longer available to exploit.”

This quote is taken from this Daily Caller article.

Hands for Ahar mourns the 37 dead and hundreds injured in Bushehr

Hands for Ahar

On Tuesday, a 6.3-magnitude (or, according to other reports, a 6.1) earthquake struck the village of Kaki in the southwestern region of Iran called Bushehr, which is also the location of the country’s only nuclear power plant, injuring over 800 and killing 37 others.

Bushehr, Iran

Several aftershocks have been felt, the highest marking at a 5.3 magnitude. The power plant is reportedly unaffected by the earthquake, as the government – and the Russian organization that built the plant – released formal statements testifying that there had been no release or spills of nuclear material.

As rescue efforts wane, aid agencies are seeking to provide food and shelter to those affected. The Iranian Red Crescent, the primary agency by which aid was administered to those struck by the earthquake in the northwestern region of Iran last summer, is currently heading aid efforts. There is no word as of yet if…

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