Quantitative Methods Trainings

Recently, an acquaintance asked me about some quantitative method trainings…and I went a little overboard with recommendations. I thought others could benefit too!

  1. ICPSR @ U Michigan. This year they have workshops on machine learning and other computationally heavy applications. Here’s their 2018 list; they have both 4-week session and workshops. I’ve attended their four-week sessions. While the classes focus on the technique, the professors will work with you about research design. I’ve heard really good things about their workshops, too, which might be best if your schedule is tight. You can apply for scholarships, but those only cover attendance at the four-week sessions.
  2. Quant workshops @ Duke. Duke has a social network analysis workshop (focused on public health applications) and one focused on machine learning. Their courses are pretty affordable and, if you can find funding from your institution, finding accommodations at Duke can be pretty affordable.  
  3. IQMR @ Syracuse. You might find this helpful if you want to do mixed methods work. They also have scholarships. They often offer a half- to one-day course at APSA as well as a short course. I took one on process tracing and was pretty happy.
  4. Global School in Empirical Research Methods. A couple of the professors from ICPSR also teach at this program and had a lot of good things to say about it. This might be a good choice if you have to do research in this part of the world.
  5. IPSA-NUS Summer School for Social Science Research Methods. Like above, this might be a good choice if you have research in that part of the world. They offer really good scholarships as well. It seems they’re strongly marketing themselves as an ICPSR alternative.
  6. Statistical Horizons. They have two- to three-day workshops on a variety of quant topics. Personally, I like a little more time than this.
  7. Visions in Methodology (VIM). I highly recommend that you sign up for the VIM listserv. They have a lot of great opportunities from a number of different programs. Most recently, they emailed about an ICPSR workshop on field experiments in Florence, Italy (swoon!). Here’s the link.
    1. They also have a fantastic annual conference focused on female scholars in methodology.


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