D.C. Recommendations

Adams Morgan

  • Mama Ayesha’s
  • Mixtec Mexican Food on Columbia Rd, right before the main part of Adams Morgan – so good
  • The Diner – good food for after bars or brunch
  • Grand Central Station – bar/club
  • The Reef – bar/club; in the spring/summer – go straight to the roof…and when you’re feeling a little tipsy, head down to the second floor to have a trippy time dancing in the middle of the aquariums
  • DROP EVERYTHING and have Amsterdam falafel – get the garlic sauce – it’ll change your life.
  • You’ll have to have the Jumbo slice pizza while you’re in DC – but don’t do it when you’re too drunk, it does not feel good on the way back up.
  • Jack Rose Dining Saloon – this is my all time favorite place in Adams Morgan – the roof opens up in the warmer months – it’s spectacular; also it’s just cozy overall and laid back
  • Madam’s Organ – YOU MUST go here; it’s grungy and crowded and amazing; the live music is fantastic.
  • Town Tavern – many nights of insane dancing and fun
  • Bourbon – laid back and cozy
  • Brass Monkey – just add it to a list when bar hopping; it’s fun (like Town Tavern)



  • Baked and Wire – cafe and über famous – must try!
  • Shop here! H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Sephora, etc.
  • Wingo’s – munchies like buffalo wings, burgers, cheese fries – try their fried cheesecake.
  • Bodega – one of my favorite tapas places in all of DC – they’re a little pricey but not too much if you go with friends!
  • Bar hop in Georgetown – you totally get a different feel of DC
  • I went to Rhino Bar on M Street for my 21st birthday
  • There’s a Moby Dick here too!
  • Farmers and Fishers is right on the Waterfront – grab a nice dinner there (or Moby Dick if you want it to be a little cheaper) and then walk around the waterfront.
  • Snap Bakery/Cafe here is amazing – it has delicious and generous crepes and bubble tea!


Monuments, etc.

  • Do the monuments at night – if just some, then definitely Lincoln and Jefferson
  • Jefferson is also good in the spring with the cherry blossoms
  • On that note, prepare for the masses of people during cherry blossoms



  • Sit and read in one of the secluded indoor courtyards of the National Gallery of Art. My favorite is right next to the Renaissance painters’ gallery, near the works of Titian.
  • The Hirschorn always has a very interesting rotation of exhibitions and some of the neatest standing exhibits – they’re also significantly closer to the Smithsonian metro.
  • The Holocaust Museum – it’s hard, and you’ll be quiet for most of it (it’s a lot to process), but it is very much worth it.


H Street

  • Go bar hopping here at least once!
  • Lots of young professionals live here
  • Jazz club – HR57 – I used to go to it when it was on U Street, but it moved to H Street – it’s awesome and laid back and BYOB
  • Sticky Rice (sushi)
  • Taylor’s – good sandwiches (company is from Philly)
  • Sidamo (Ethiopian coffee shop)


Dupont Circle/K street

  • Kramers Books – check out the books – the cafe is good, but not a must eat at
  • Black and Blue (burgers)
  • There are some nice lounges/bars here
  • Shake Shack
  • When it’s warmer – sit on the fountain and dip your feet in! It’s fun to unwind.
  • There’s a farmer market here in the warmer months, too
  • The Front Page – good for brunch and right across from the metro
  • There’s a pool place right next to the Front Page too – I think it’s called Buffalo Billiards or sth? It’s not bad, but ok if you’re up for that kind of scene.
  • There’s a Moby Dick (fast food Persian kabob) here by the L Street exit of Farragut North!


Foggy Bottom

  • The World Bank is here! I’m sure you’ll visit while you’re in DC with the program.
  • George Washington University is here
  • Founding Farmers – AMAZING food


U Street

  • Lots of young professional live here
  • The Gibson – for drinks!
  • Lots of fun bars here
  • Busboys and poets – a must visit part of DC – there’s always music, presentations, spoken word stuff going on here! It’s chill
  • Estadio – a little bit of a walk from U street (about five blocks) but so good!



  • Check out Nando’s Peri-Peri it’s good!
  • Zaytinya – fancy but yummy (Mediterranean)
  • There is a hole-in-the-wall, small restaurant here that is SO GOOD – it’s called the Chinatown Express – it’s fantastic! and cheap!