…on why drone strikes don’t work for US national security and counter-terrorism efforts in the long run.

“Because this president, in my opinion, has fundamentally undermined our ability to defend this nation by killing terrorists rather than capturing them and taking them to an intelligence facility like Guantanamo Bay and learning how these groups operate,” Lippold added. “And while the program appears on the face to have had great success, I think ultimately the drone program is setting us up for failure because for each high-level terrorist you kill, that is a high-level intelligence asset that is no longer available to exploit.”

This quote is taken from this Daily Caller article.

Being an American citizen just doesn’t have the same perks anymore.

NBC News reported yesterday that that they had in their possession a declassified document that permits the targeted killing of individuals who are part of terrorist groups…even if they’re American citizens.

This Department of Justice (DOJ) “white paper” (click here for the actual document) is a shortened version of a much longer 2010 legal memo that solidifies governmental approval for extrajudicial killings if the individual if “‘an informed, high-level official’ deems him to present a ‘continuing’ threat to the country…even if the target has never been charged with a crime or informed of the allegations against him, and even if the target is not located anywhere near an actual battlefield.”

The ACLU does a great job walking through the paper’s contradictions. They’re also in the throes of a FOIA request regarding the targeted killings of three US citizens in Yemen; legal memos surrounding the al-Awlaki and Khan killings are still secret.

Here is another comprehensive walk-through of the white paper and its implications by David Cole. 

Lawfare thinks you should “calm down about it” and does a great walk-through of what the paper “is and isn’t”.

Obama granted congressional intelligence committees with classified DOJ legal memos regarding the targeted killing of Americans abroad. An ex-Obama aide (and military bigshot) is quoted in the New York Times as thinking that the direction the administration is headed in the context of targeted killings via drones is counter-productive in decreasing the incidence of religious extremism in the Middle East. Here’s the money quote: ““We’re seeing that blowback,” General Cartwright, who is retired from the military, said at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. “If you’re trying to kill your way to a solution, no matter how precise you are, you’re going to upset people even if they’re not targeted.””

Consult these five myths about drones, according to Mark Jacobsen of the German Marshall Fund, to see if you agree.

The House Judiciary held a hearing on “Drones Targeting American Terrorist Suspects Overseas”, which you can view in its entirety here.

Here’s a senatorial blowback (11 to be exact) to the white paper, calling on President Obama to “ensure that Congress is provided with secret legal opinions outlining [his] authority to authorize the killing of Americas in the course of counterterrorism operations”.